Operating Room Nurse Job Description Template

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Operating Room Nurse Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a competent Operating room nurse (or perioperative nurse) to assist surgeons during operations and keep the operating room sterile at all times.

They need to possess phenomenal efficiency and attention to detail with a strong knowledge of operation procedures and patient safety. Being compassionate and sensitive is a prerequisite for the profession. The ideal candidate goes one step further by being a critical thinker, fast to act in emergencies.


  • Assess patients prior to surgery (e.g. NPO status) and alleviate their concerns
  • Gather all supplies needed for the operation
  • Assume responsibility of keeping the operating room sterilized
  • Position and prepare patient on operating table
  • Pass medical instruments or other objects to the surgeon during operation
  • Monitor patient’s vital signs to detect anomalies
  • Evaluate patient in postoperative phases
  • Adhere to safety standards and precautions
  • Assume duties within or out of the sterile field as assigned


  • Proven experience as operating room nurse (circulating and scrub)
  • Excellent knowledge of aseptic and sterile techniques
  • Solid understanding of patient safety and precautions
  • In-depth knowledge of surgical operation procedures
  • Outstanding organizational ability
  • A great team player with excellent communication skills
  • Cool tempered with emotional and physical stamina
  • Diploma in nursing and a valid licence

What does Operating Room Nurse do?

An Operating Room (OR) Nurse, also known as a perioperative nurse, plays a crucial role in the surgical team. On a day-to-day basis, their tasks typically include:

  1. Preparing the OR: The OR nurse helps set up the operating room by ensuring all necessary equipment, instruments, and supplies are available and in working order. They also verify the accuracy of patient records and consent forms.

  2. Assisting with patient positioning: The OR nurse helps position the patient on the operating table while ensuring their comfort and safety. They may use specialized equipment, such as safety straps or padding, to maintain proper alignment during the procedure.

  3. Sterilization and infection control: Maintaining a sterile environment is vital to prevent surgical site infections. OR nurses assist in the sterilization of instruments, equipment, and surgical attire. They also adhere to strict infection control practices during the entire perioperative process.

  4. Assisting the surgical team: The OR nurse acts as a vital team member during surgical procedures by passing instruments and supplies to the surgeon, ensuring proper counts of surgical instruments and sponges, and providing other necessary assistance to the surgical team.

  5. Monitoring patient vital signs: Throughout the surgery, the OR nurse continuously monitors the patient's vital signs, including heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen saturation. They inform the surgeon and anesthesia provider about any changes or abnormalities.

  6. Ensuring patient safety and comfort: The OR nurse safeguards the patient's safety and comfort by implementing appropriate positioning, padding, and repositioning strategies. They also ensure that the surgical site is visible and accessible to the surgeon, while maintaining patient dignity and privacy.

  7. Documenting and charting: Accurate documentation is crucial in the OR. OR nurses record all relevant information, including intraoperative medications, fluids, and other interventions. They may also assist in completing post-operative care reports or handing off the patient to the recovery area.

  8. Collaborating with the healthcare team: The OR nurse works collaboratively with various healthcare professionals, including surgeons, anesthesiologists, surgical technologists, and other perioperative staff, to ensure smooth and efficient patient care throughout the surgical process.

It's important to note that the specific tasks performed by an OR nurse may vary depending on the surgical procedure, the healthcare facility, and the individual patient's needs.