Production Worker Job Description Template

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Production Worker Job Description Template

What is a Production Worker?

Production workers are responsible for operating machinery, assembling products, maintaining production equipment, and ensuring quality control. They must follow safety protocols and meet production targets.

A high school diploma or equivalent is typically required for production workers. Physical stamina and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment are also essential.

Production Worker Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a production worker to join our team and help improve our warehouse’s production line.

You’ll perform various tasks, including maintaining and operating the machinery and search for potential malfunctions or risks. You’ll transfer the products and equipment, using power tools and forklift trucks. You’ll also keep the facility clean by removing debris and trash to ensure safety. Note that this position demands stamina and a good physical condition, as you’ll have to regularly lift heavy loads.

If you are familiar with these tasks and interested in working at a well-functioning warehouse, let’s meet.


  • Operate production equipment
  • Maintain the warehouse’s machines 
  • Assemble machinery parts 
  • Store products and materials
  • Meet the deadlines of individual production tasks during shift 
  • Report on defective products or machinery 
  • Check stock levels and report deficiencies in products or raw materials 
  • Keep the worksite clean to avoid hazards from chemicals and fragile products
  • Review and follow manufacturing manuals to build machinery 
  • Ensure shipping procedures are timely 
  • Transfer equipment manually or with forklift trucks   
  • Follow the company’s safety and quality guidelines


  • Previous experience as a production worker or similar role in a warehouse
  • Good understanding of how production equipment works
  • Ability to detect potential problems with machinery
  • Knowledge of basic safety rules and precautionary measures  (safety gear will be provided)
  • Ability to lift heavy loads and transfer them manually
  • Good communication and teamwork skills
  • High School Diploma/GED

What does Production Worker do?

A Production Worker is responsible for carrying out various tasks in manufacturing and production settings. On a day-to-day basis, their duties may include:

  1. Operating machinery and equipment: Production Workers are trained to use machinery and tools specific to their job. They may operate machines such as conveyors, assembly lines, or forklifts to carry out production tasks efficiently.

  2. Assembling and inspecting products: Production Workers may be involved in assembling components or parts into finished products. They follow specific instructions or guidelines to ensure accuracy and quality. They also inspect finished products for defects or flaws and make any necessary adjustments or repairs.

  3. Packaging and labeling: Once products are assembled and inspected, Production Workers may be responsible for packaging them properly. This includes placing products in containers or boxes, applying labels, and ensuring they are ready for shipment or distribution.

  4. Quality control: Production Workers are often responsible for monitoring and maintaining quality control standards. They may conduct regular checks or inspections throughout the production process to ensure products meet quality standards and specifications.

  5. Maintaining equipment: Production Workers may be required to perform routine maintenance on machinery and equipment used in production. This includes cleaning, lubricating, and making minor repairs to ensure equipment operates smoothly and efficiently.

  6. Following safety protocols: Production Workers must adhere to all safety guidelines and regulations to maintain a safe working environment. They may need to wear protective clothing, operate machines safely, and report any safety hazards or incidents that occur.

  7. Recordkeeping and documentation: Production Workers may be responsible for maintaining production records, including product counts, quality inspection results, and any other relevant data. This information is used for tracking productivity, analyzing trends, and making improvements to the production process.

Overall, the day-to-day tasks of a Production Worker can vary depending on the specific industry and job requirements. However, their main goal is to ensure the smooth and efficient production of goods while maintaining quality standards and safety protocols.

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