Materials Manager Job Description Template

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Materials Manager Job Description Template

What is a Materials Manager?

Materials managers are responsible for overseeing the procurement of materials, managing inventory levels, coordinating with suppliers, and ensuring timely delivery of materials. They play a crucial role in maintaining efficient production schedules and minimizing costs.

A bachelor's degree in supply chain management or a related field is typically required. Strong analytical skills and experience with inventory management software are also essential.

Materials Manager Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for an experienced Materials manager to manage inventory and purchasing procedures of raw materials and other supplies used in our company.

Materials managers have experience in supply chain and inventory control. They are characterized by excellent organizational and record-keeping skills. Attention to detail and problem-solving aptitude are qualities the ideal candidate must possess.

The goal is to ensure our operations have always an adequate flow of the material they need.


  • Collaborate with other managers to determine supply needs
  • Purchase supplies and materials according to specifications
  • Coordinate and supervise receiving and warehousing procedures
  • Oversee distribution of supplies in the organization
  • Control inventory levels and ensure availability of material during emergencies
  • Supervise, evaluate and coach subordinates
  • Maintain relationships and negotiate with suppliers
  • Keep detailed records on procurement activity, materials quantity, specifications etc.
  • Assist in forecasting to plan future orders


  • Proven experience as materials manager
  • Experience in shipping and receiving
  • Familiarity with supply chain and inventory management systems
  • Understanding of forecasting and budgeting
  • Working knowledge of SAP MM
  • Proficient in MS Office
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • A problem-solver
  • BSc/BA in logistics or relevant field

What does Materials Manager do?

A Materials Manager is responsible for managing the flow of raw materials and finished goods within a company. On a day to day basis, their tasks may include:

  1. Planning and forecasting: Analyzing data and customer demand to determine the required quantity of materials and finished goods to meet production and sales targets.

  2. Inventory management: Monitoring inventory levels to ensure optimal stock levels are maintained, avoiding stockouts or excess stock. This involves tracking inventory turnover, conducting regular stock counts, and implementing inventory control policies.

  3. Supplier management: Collaborating with procurement teams to identify and select suppliers, negotiate contracts, and monitor supplier performance. This may involve assessing supplier reliability, quality control, and managing supplier relationships.

  4. Production coordination: Working closely with production planners and schedulers to coordinate the timely delivery of raw materials to the production line. This includes monitoring production schedules and making adjustments as needed to ensure smooth operations.

  5. Quality control: Implementing quality control measures to ensure that all materials meet quality standards. This may involve conducting inspections, coordinating with quality assurance teams, and resolving any quality-related issues with suppliers.

  6. Cost control: Identifying opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements within the materials management process. This may involve analyzing data, implementing lean manufacturing practices, and negotiating favorable pricing with suppliers.

  7. Documentation and reporting: Maintaining accurate records and documentation related to materials management activities. This includes generating reports on inventory levels, supplier performance, and other key metrics to inform decision-making.

  8. Cross-functional collaboration: Working closely with other departments such as production, procurement, logistics, and sales to ensure smooth coordination and communication throughout the supply chain.

Overall, a Materials Manager plays a crucial role in ensuring the timely availability of materials, minimizing costs, and maintaining quality standards within an organization's supply chain.

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