Physician Assistant Job Description Template

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Physician Assistant Job Description Template

What is a Physician Assistant?

Physician assistants are responsible for diagnosing illnesses, developing treatment plans, performing medical procedures, and assisting in surgeries. They work under the supervision of physicians and are trained to provide a wide range of healthcare services.

A master's degree in physician assistant studies is typically required. Additionally, physician assistants must be licensed and pass a certification exam.

Physician Assistant Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a responsible Physician Assistant to support the doctors’ work and actively facilitate patients’ recovery. You will apply medical techniques and principles under the direction of a physician and you will deal with a diverse set of patients offering them care and encouragement.


  • Assess patients’ health and their demands and aim to fulfill them as well as possible
  • Issue appropriate prescriptions and administer medicine
  • Inform physicians about any problems or discrepancies that might arise
  • Acquire and review patient histories identifying abnormal conditions
  • Monitor patients’ progress and keep records of treatments, surgeries or other medical events
  • Attend to emergencies
  • Provide help during surgeries
  • Prepare patients for examinations and conduct routine procedures (measure blood pressure and temperature, administer injections etc)
  • Provide therapeutic treatments (disinfecting wounds, stitching etc.)
  • Cultivate a climate of trust and compassion for the patients
  • Comply strictly with medical care regulations and safety standards
  • Collaborate effectively with team members of various specializations


  • Proven work experience as a Physician Assistant or Nurse
  • Knowledge of medical guidelines and procedures regarding examination, therapy and recovery
  • Familiarity with advancements in medical technology and current know-how
  • Problem solving skills and ability to multi-task
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Team player with good communication skills
  • BSc/MA in Physician Assistant Studies, Health Science or Medical Science

What does Physician Assistant do?

A Physician Assistant (PA) performs a variety of duties on a day-to-day basis, depending on their specialty and work setting. Some common tasks may include:

  1. Conduct patient evaluations: Physician Assistants are trained to assess and examine patients, taking medical histories, performing physical exams, and ordering diagnostic tests.

  2. Diagnose and treat patients: PAs can diagnose illnesses and conditions, and develop treatment plans under the supervision of a physician. They may prescribe medications, provide therapies, and offer recommendations for further care.

  3. Assisting in surgeries: In some surgical specialties, PAs may assist surgeons in the operating room by performing tasks like suturing, applying dressings, and monitoring patients during surgery.

  4. Perform procedures: PAs may perform certain medical procedures such as casting fractures, suturing wounds, administering injections, or conducting minor surgical procedures.

  5. Educating patients: PAs educate patients on their conditions, treatment plans, and provide instructions on preventive care. They may also address questions or concerns that patients have regarding their healthcare.

  6. Collaborate with other healthcare professionals: PAs work as part of a healthcare team, collaborating with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to provide the best possible care to patients. They may consult with specialists or refer patients to other healthcare providers when necessary.

  7. Documentation and record-keeping: PAs maintain accurate and up-to-date medical records, documenting patient visits, test results, treatment plans, and progress notes.

  8. Stay up-to-date with medical knowledge: PAs continually update their medical knowledge and skills by participating in continuing education activities, attending conferences, and reading current medical literature.

It should be noted that the specific duties of a PA may vary depending on factors such as specialization, work setting (hospital, clinic, etc.), and the supervising physician's practice requirements.

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