Travel Consultant Job Description Template

Use this Travel Consultant job description template to advertise the open roles for free using Modify the requirements according the needs of your organization or the client you are hiring for.
Travel Consultant Job Description Template

What is a Travel Consultant?

Travel consultants are responsible for planning travel itineraries, booking transportation and accommodations, providing travel advice, and handling travel documentation. They must have excellent communication skills and a deep understanding of various travel destinations.

A travel consultant's key education requirement is typically a high school diploma or equivalent, though a degree in travel and tourism can be beneficial. Additional job requirements include proficiency in travel booking software and strong customer service skills.

Travel Consultant Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a Travel Consultant with great enthusiasm for traveling. You will be responsible for promoting and booking traveling arrangements for clients (individuals or businesses). The goal is to enhance satisfaction and acquire an expanding and dedicated clientele.


  • Research various destinations and means of travel regarding prices, customs, weather conditions, reviews etc.
  • Diagnose the clients’ specifications and wishes and suggest suitable travel packages or services
  • Organize travels from beginning to end, through booking tickets and accommodation, securing rental transportation etc.
  • Supply travelers with pertinent information and useful travel/holiday material (guides, maps, event programs etc)
  • Collect deposits and balances
  • Use promotional techniques and prepare promotional materials to sell itinerary tour packages
  • Handle unforeseen problems and complaints and determine eligibility for money returns
  • Attend conferences to maintain familiarity with tourism trends
  • Create and update electronic records of clients
  • Maintain relationships with key persons
  • Keep financial statements and documents
  • Reach the revenue and profit targets


  • Proven working experience as a Travel Consultant
  • Excellent knowledge of traveling software (computer reservations systems, GDS systems and e-travel)
  • Proficiency in English; knowledge of additional languages is an advantage
  • Exemplary sales skills and customer oriented approach
  • Well versed in various areas of travel (domestic/international, business/holidays, group/individual etc)
  • Ability to present, persuade and communicate effectively
  • Demonstrable ability to handle crises
  • Degree in Hospitality, Travel, Tourism, Business or relevant field
  • Candidates with personal travel experience will be preferred

What does Travel Consultant do?

A travel consultant's day-to-day tasks can vary depending on the specific job and employer, but some common responsibilities include:

  1. Assisting clients with travel arrangements: This can involve booking flights, hotels, car rentals, and other transportation options based on the client's preferences and budget.

  2. Providing travel advice and recommendations: Travel consultants may offer suggestions on destinations, attractions, and activities based on their expertise and knowledge of the travel industry.

  3. Researching and staying up-to-date on travel trends: Staying informed about current travel trends, visa requirements, safety advisories, and other relevant information allows travel consultants to provide accurate and timely advice to clients.

  4. Managing bookings and itineraries: Travel consultants handle the logistics of travel arrangements, ensuring that all bookings are accurate and making any necessary changes or cancellations as required.

  5. Handling customer inquiries and complaints: Travel consultants often act as a point of contact for clients, addressing their questions, concerns, and issues before, during, and after their trip.

  6. Building relationships with clients and suppliers: Cultivating and maintaining positive relationships with clients and travel suppliers (such as airlines, hotels, and tour operators) is crucial for a travel consultant's success, as it helps secure better deals and provide personalized service to clients.

  7. Processing payments and maintaining financial records: Travel consultants handle payments from clients, ensuring that transactions are processed accurately and securely. They may also maintain financial records and documentation related to bookings and payments.

  8. Marketing and promoting travel packages: Some travel consultants may be involved in marketing and promoting travel packages or specific destinations, contributing to the growth of their business.

It's important to note that the specific duties and responsibilities of a travel consultant can vary based on factors such as their employer (travel agency, tour operator, or independent consultant) and the targeted market (leisure travel, business travel, group travel, etc.).

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