Cabin Crew Job Description Template

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Cabin Crew Job Description Template

What is a Cabin Crew?

Cabin crew members are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers during flights, conducting pre-flight safety checks, serving meals and beverages, and providing first aid when necessary. They must maintain a high level of customer service and professionalism at all times.

A high school diploma or equivalent is typically required for cabin crew positions. Additional job requirements may include fluency in multiple languages and the ability to handle emergency situations calmly.

Cabin Crew Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for Cabin Crew able to create a pleasant flight experience for our guests. You will be able to work autonomously, take initiatives and collaborate with colleagues in order to help passengers enjoy their time aboard.

The goal is to secure our financial development by establishing our company as a reliable and thoughtful host.


  • Understand the duties of your assigned position during flight and act your best
  • Ensure the satisfaction of passengers by answering questions and offering them assistance
  • Check cabin before take-off to ensure compliance to safety regulations
  • Welcome travelers on board and help them to their seats when necessary
  • Serve food and beverages and sell products
  • Give the “safety” presentation in a well-prepared manner
  • Monitor the cabin frequently for the entire duration of the flight
  • Adhere to established regulations and procedures
  • Remain calm and offer assistance to passengers in the event of an emergency
  • Give particular attention to passengers with special needs (children, disabled, elders etc)
  • Prepare accurate reports concerning any significant issues or happenings


  • Proven experience as Cabin Crew or related customer service experience
  • Fluency in English, knowledge of additional languages is a strong advantage
  • Basic skills in MS Office
  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Clean, professional appearance and healthy constitution
  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills
  • Cool tempered and patient with aptitude in resolving issues
  • Cabin crew certification or training

What does Cabin Crew do?

A Cabin Crew, also known as a flight attendant, is responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers on an aircraft. On a day-to-day basis, their tasks may include:

  1. Pre-flight preparations: Checking cabin safety equipment, ensuring proper supplies onboard, and conducting pre-flight briefings with the captain and other crew members.

  2. Welcoming passengers: Greeting passengers as they board the aircraft, assisting with finding their seats, and helping them store their carry-on luggage.

  3. Safety demonstrations: Conducting safety demonstrations to inform passengers about emergency procedures, including the use of seat belts, life jackets, oxygen masks, and emergency exits.

  4. In-flight services: Providing food and beverage service, serving meals and drinks, and catering to special dietary or medical needs of passengers. They may also distribute reading materials, blankets, pillows, and other amenities.

  5. Assistance and customer service: Assisting passengers with any onboard needs or issues, such as providing information about flight details, handling inflight emergencies, and ensuring passenger comfort throughout the flight.

  6. Security and emergency procedures: Monitoring the cabin during the flight to ensure passenger compliance with safety regulations, as well as being prepared to handle emergency situations, such as turbulence, medical emergencies, or evacuations.

  7. Cleaning and restocking: Cleaning the cabin and restocking supplies after each flight, ensuring the aircraft is prepared for the next group of passengers.

It's important to note that the exact daily tasks may vary depending on the duration of the flight, the airline, and the specific role of the Cabin Crew member.

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