Web Editor Job Description Template

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Web Editor Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are looking for a passionate web editor to research, plan, write and edit web content.

The successful candidate should be a skilled writer and researcher, with an eye for detail and an understanding of the special requirements of web writing.

The goal is to produce creative web content to appeal to our audience.


  • Produce and publish new content in a creative way
  • Liaise with clients and in-house team members to decide on new posts
  • Oversee layout (images, graphics, videos and artwork)
  • Check content for accuracy
  • Proofread and edit material
  • Collaborate with professionals (e.g. web designers, marketing executives and photographers) to improve article presentation
  • Use SEO and social media
  • Ensure content is up-to-date
  • Comply with copyright and privacy regulations
  • Monitor website’s traffic to measure popularity
  • Keep track of developments in web technology


  • Proven work experience as a web editor
  • Editing skills with a demonstrable portfolio of published work
  • Hands on experience with MS Office, InDesign, Photoshop or other publishing tools
  • In-depth knowledge of SEO
  • Familiarity with content management systems
  • Excellent writing skills in English
  • Attention to detail
  • Creative mind
  • BSc in journalism, communications or related field

What does Web Editor do?

A web editor typically handles several tasks on a day-to-day basis. Some of these tasks include:

  1. Content creation: The web editor is responsible for creating and editing written content for websites. This includes writing articles, blog posts, and website copy. The editor needs to ensure the content is clear, engaging, and formatted properly for web readability.

  2. Content editing and proofreading: The web editor reviews and proofreads all content to ensure it is free of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and formatting issues. They also ensure that the content aligns with the website's style and tone.

  3. Content management: The web editor manages the organization and management of content on the website. They may use content management systems (CMS) to publish and update content, ensure effective tagging and categorization, and maintain consistency across different sections of the website.

  4. SEO optimization: The web editor is responsible for optimizing content for search engines to improve the website's visibility and ranking. This involves keyword research, incorporating relevant keywords into the content, and following SEO best practices.

  5. Publication planning: The web editor plans and coordinates the publication schedule for new content. They take into account factors such as target audience, seasonal trends, and marketing campaigns to determine the best timing for publishing content.

  6. Collaborating with writers and contributors: The web editor works closely with writers, contributors, and subject matter experts to gather information and ensure that the content meets the required standards. They provide feedback and guidance to writers, ensuring the content aligns with the website's goals and style.

  7. Analytics monitoring: The web editor tracks and analyzes website metrics, such as pageviews, engagement rates, and conversion rates. They use this data to evaluate the performance of different content pieces and make informed decisions about future content strategies.

  8. Keeping up with industry trends: Web editors stay informed about the latest trends and developments in web content creation, including new technologies, web design standards, and user experience best practices. They use this information to improve the website's content and user experience.

Overall, a web editor's main goal is to ensure the quality, relevance, and effectiveness of the website's content.

Web Editor Job Description Examples

Web Editor• Paxton Media Group

WPSD LOCAL 6 has an immediate opening for a web editor. You will write and edit stories for our website, wpsdlocal6.com. In addition, you will provide content on our social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You will also be responsible for sending push alerts from our Local 6 app. A web editor will update news many times each day, check and respond to social media comments...

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Web Editor/Designer• City of Richardson

This position is eligible for up to $2,500 incentive pay*

JOB SUMMARY...Under direction of the Director of Communications & Engagement or designee, maintain, update,and create web page templates, content, and graphics for the City’s Internet and Intranet sites.Produce other informational and graphical content as needed. Perform regularly scheduledpostings of council and other meeting a...

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Website Wordpress Editor• Upwork

Need somebody to edit my website. Add the events each month. I have a yoga, pilates reformer, sauna and float website. We have a website set up already.

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Web Content Editor• P.L. Marketing


Web Content Editors are responsible for the ongoing organization and curation of the product information contained within the Kroger Customer Facing Item Catalog (CFIC), which can be viewed directly by a customer using Kroger’s Online Shopping capability...

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:• Ensure all items are set up within the PIM system supporting the digital presentation of pro...

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