Chef de Partie Job Description Template

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Chef de Partie Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are looking for a professional Chef de Partie to amaze the patrons of our establishment with excellent cooking according to the chef’s recipes and specifications. Your work will be an important factor to a client’s contentment. The ultimate goal is to expand our clientele and reputation to ensure long-term success.


  • Prepare menus in collaboration with colleagues
  • Ensure adequacy of supplies at the cooking stations
  • Prepare ingredients that should be frequently available (vegetables, spices etc.)
  • Follow the guidance of the executive or sous chef and have input in new ways of presentation or dishes
  • Put effort in optimizing the cooking process with attention to speed and quality
  • Enforce strict health and hygiene standards
  • Help to maintain a climate of smooth and friendly cooperation


  • Proven experience in a Chef de Partie role
  • Excellent use of various cooking methods, ingredients, equipment and processes
  • Ability to multitask and work efficiently under pressure
  • Knowledge of best cooking practices
  • Culinary school diploma

What does Chef de Partie do?

A Chef de Partie, also known as a line cook or station chef, has several responsibilities in the kitchen. On a day to day basis, their duties typically include:

  1. Food Preparation: The Chef de Partie is responsible for preparing their assigned section of the kitchen. This involves organizing and collecting the necessary ingredients, ensuring they are fresh and of high quality. They may also be responsible for portioning ingredients and preparing mise en place (pre-prepared ingredients).

  2. Cooking: The Chef de Partie is responsible for cooking the dishes assigned to their particular station. This includes following recipes or instructions provided by the head chef or sous chef, ensuring consistency and quality. They must also be skilled at using different cooking techniques and equipment specific to their station.

  3. Station Management: The Chef de Partie is responsible for managing their station efficiently. This includes organizing their work area, maintaining cleanliness, and ensuring that ingredients and tools are properly stocked and replenished. They must also monitor cooking times and temperatures to ensure that dishes are prepared correctly.

  4. Training and Supervision: The Chef de Partie often assists in training and supervising junior cooks or apprentices who work under them. They may provide guidance, support, and feedback to help these individuals develop their skills and perform effectively.

  5. Menu Development: In some cases, the Chef de Partie may be involved in menu development and planning. They may provide input on new dishes, ingredients, and techniques based on their experience and knowledge.

  6. Quality Control: The Chef de Partie is responsible for maintaining high standards of food quality and presentation. They must ensure that dishes leaving their station meet the expectations of the head chef and match the establishment's standards.

  7. Communication: The Chef de Partie must communicate effectively with other kitchen staff, especially with the sous chef or head chef, to ensure smooth operations. They should be able to update on the progress of their station, report any issues or concerns, and coordinate with others during peak service hours.

Overall, the Chef de Partie plays a vital role in the kitchen, ensuring that their section operates smoothly and produces high-quality dishes.

Chef de Partie Job Description Examples

Chef De Partie• Brindille

Brindille Restaurant in Chicago, River North is seeking an enthusiastic and talented and 'dedicated to the craft' cook with great food experiences. Responsible, respectful and focused on details

Brindille is a chef driven French restaurant with influences of Modern and Classic French cuisine. Open five nights a week, closed Sunday and Monday...

position available starting January 18,2023


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Demi Chef De Partie/Line Cook• Slater Hospitality


The Demi Chef de Partie will be responsible for a specific section of the kitchen, preparing high-quality food that meets the head chef's standards during service, and ensuring that your station is sanitary and well-stocked...


ESSENTIAL:• Preparing specific food items and meal components at your station.• Following directions provided by the head chef.• Colla...

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Chef De Partie• Acquerello

Acquerello is seeking passionate and self-motivated culinary professionals to join our close-knit team. We are a 2 Michelin star restaurant in our 33rd year as a fine dining destination specializing in contemporary Italian cuisine.

All candidates must have an interest in Italian cuisine, a passion for excellence, and be excited to work alongside Executive Chef Suzette Gresham in furthering the...

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Chef De Partie - Caruso'S• Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

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Chef de Partie is responsible for prep, set up, and providing quality service in all areas of hot food production, including, but not limited to: hot menu items, hotline specials, displays/ presentations of hot appetizers, entrees, side vegetable & potato dishes, sauce, stock, and hot sandwiches, in accordance with standards a...

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