Wait Staff Job Description Template

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Wait Staff Job Description Template

What is a Wait Staff?

Wait staff are responsible for taking orders, serving food and beverages, ensuring customer satisfaction, and handling payments. They must have excellent communication skills and a friendly demeanor.

Wait staff typically require a high school diploma or equivalent. Prior experience in customer service or the food industry is often preferred.

Wait Staff Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for professional Wait Staff to serve meals and drinks to the patrons of our business.

Ultimately, you should be able to ensure customer satisfaction and augment our establishment’s reputation.


  • Show customers to their seats and present our variety of menu options
  • Advise on the best food and drink choices for each customer and answer questions
  • Take orders and deliver them to the table deftly and accurately
  • Attend to the tables and guarantee compliance to cleanliness standards
  • Check the quality of the final servings and resolve any issues
  • Deliver checks and accept payment
  • Work with other staff as a team
  • Work diligently to achieve outstanding service quality


  • Proven work experience as a Server, Wait Staff Member
  • Ability to build relationships with colleagues and customers and ensure mutual satisfaction
  • Customer-oriented and planning skills
  • Working knowledge of cash register and any ordering information system
  • Outstanding people skills
  • Patient and friendly with demonstrated experience in problem solving
  • Good physical condition
  • High school diploma; food safety training will be a plus

What does Wait Staff do?

A wait staff, also known as waiters or servers, have various responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. Here are some common tasks they perform:

  1. Greeting and seating customers: Wait staff welcome guests as they arrive, guide them to their tables, and ensure their comfort.
  2. Taking orders: They listen attentively to customers' requests, provide menu recommendations, and accurately note down food and beverage orders.
  3. Serving food and drinks: Once the orders are prepared, wait staff serve the dishes, ensuring they are presented correctly and in a timely manner. They also pour and serve beverages.
  4. Providing information: They answer customers' questions about the menu, daily specials, allergies, and ingredients to help them make informed choices.
  5. Upselling and suggesting additional orders: Wait staff may suggest complementary items or upsell by recommending appetizers, desserts, or special drinks to enhance the dining experience.
  6. Checking on customers: Throughout the meal, wait staff periodically check on customers to ensure they are satisfied with the food and service. They respond promptly to any requests or concerns.
  7. Clearing tables: After customers finish their meals, wait staff efficiently clear tables, remove used dishes, and reset them for the next guests.
  8. Processing payments: They collect payments from customers, process credit cards or cash transactions accurately, and provide appropriate change if required.
  9. Collaborating with kitchen and bar staff: Wait staff work closely with the kitchen and bar staff to ensure smooth communication and coordination of orders, maintain order accuracy, and deliver food promptly.
  10. Cleaning and organizing: At the end of their shift, wait staff assist in cleaning their work area, including tables, chairs, and stations. They may also restock supplies for the next shift.

Overall, wait staff focus on providing exceptional customer service, maintaining a clean and organized dining area, and ensuring a positive dining experience for customers.

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