Food and Beverage Manager Job Description Template

Use this Food and Beverage Manager job description template to advertise the open roles for free using You can use this template as a starting point, modify the requirements according the needs of your organization or the client you are hiring for.
Food and Beverage Manager Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a professional Food and Beverage Manager to be responsible for managing all F&B operations and for delivering an excellent guest experience. The successful candidate will be able to forecast, plan and manage all F&B orders, staff and finance. The goal is to maximize sales and revenue through customer satisfaction and employee engagement.


  • Manage all F&B and day-to-day operations within budgeted guidelines and to the highest standards
  • Preserve excellent levels of internal and external customer service
  • Design exceptional menus, purchase goods and continuously make necessary improvements
  • Identify customers needs and respond proactively to all of their concerns
  • Lead F&B team by attracting, recruiting, training and appraising talented personnel
  • Establish targets, KPI’s, schedules, policies and procedures
  • Provide a two way communication and nurture an ownership environment with emphasis in motivation and teamwork
  • Comply with all health and safety regulations
  • Report on management regarding sales results and productivity


  • Proven food and beverage management experience
  • Working knowledge of various computer software programs (MS Office, restaurant management software, POS)
  • Ability to spot and resolve problems efficiently
  • Mastery in delegating multiple tasks
  • Communication and leadership skills
  • Up to date with food and beverages trends and best practices
  • Ability to manage personnel and meet financial targets
  • Guest-oriented and service-minded
  • Culinary school diploma or degree in food service management or related field

What does Food and Beverage Manager do?

A Food and Beverage Manager is responsible for overseeing the operations of the food and beverage department in a hotel, restaurant, or catering company. On a day-to-day basis, their responsibilities may include:

  1. Planning and organizing: Creating strategic plans and setting goals for the food and beverage department to achieve profitability. This involves developing menus, pricing strategies, and managing inventory levels.

  2. Staff management: Hiring, training, and supervising food and beverage staff, including chefs, waitstaff, bartenders, and other support staff. Ensuring proper staffing levels and maintaining a high level of customer service.

  3. Financial management: Monitoring financial performance, including revenue and expenses. Analyzing sales data, cost records, and other financial reports to improve profitability and control costs.

  4. Customer service: Ensuring exceptional customer service by regularly interacting with customers, addressing their concerns, and responding to feedback. Resolving any customer complaints and maintaining positive guest relations.

  5. Quality control: Overseeing the quality and presentation of food and beverages served to customers. Ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, food handling procedures, and quality standards.

  6. Menu planning and development: Collaborating with the chef and other stakeholders to develop and update menus, considering customer preferences, dietary restrictions, and market trends. Monitoring menu performance and making adjustments accordingly.

  7. Vendor management: Sourcing and maintaining relationships with suppliers and vendors, negotiating contracts and prices, and monitoring the quality of products and services provided by them.

  8. Marketing and promotions: Collaborating with the marketing department to develop and implement marketing strategies to attract and retain customers. Promoting special events, seasonal offers, and deals to maximize revenue.

  9. Budgeting and forecasting: Developing budgets and financial forecasts for the food and beverage department. Tracking expenses, revenues, and profitability against targets, and making adjustments as needed.

  10. Operational duties: Overseeing day-to-day operations, including ensuring adequate stock levels, monitoring food and beverage preparation processes, and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards throughout the department.

Overall, a Food and Beverage Manager plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the food and beverage department while also focusing on delivering exceptional customer service and driving profitability.