Help Desk Manager Job Description Template

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Help Desk Manager Job Description Template

What is a Help Desk Manager?

Help desk managers are responsible for overseeing the help desk team, ensuring efficient and effective customer support, managing ticketing systems, and developing support procedures. They play a crucial role in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and ensuring timely resolution of technical issues.

A bachelor's degree in information technology or a related field is typically required. Strong leadership skills and experience in customer service are also essential.

Help Desk Manager Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a qualified Help desk manager to join our team. You will be responsible for leading our technical support team to provide excellent customer service and resolve all technical issues.

As a Help desk manager, you should have a solid technical background combined with customer service experience. A problem-solving attitude with an ability to motivate your team to achieve specific goals are essential skills to perform well in this position.

Ultimately, you should be able to ensure high quality technical support and increase client satisfaction.


  • Manage the help desk team and evaluate performance
  • Ensure customer service is timely and accurate on a daily basis
  • Recruit, train and support help desk representatives and technicians
  • Set specific customer service standards
  • Contribute to improving customer support by actively responding to queries and handling complaints
  • Establish best practices through the entire technical support process
  • Follow up with customers to identify areas of improvement
  • Develop daily, weekly and monthly reports on help desk team’s productivity
  • Provide customer feedback to the appropriate internal teams, like product developers


  • Proven work experience as a Help desk manager
  • Hands on experience with help desk and remote control software
  • Solid technical background with an ability to give instructions to a non-technical audience
  • Customer-service oriented with a problem-solving attitude
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Team management skills
  • BSc degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or relevant field

What does Help Desk Manager do?

A Help Desk Manager is responsible for overseeing the support team and ensuring smooth operations of the help desk. On a day-to-day basis, they may:

  1. Coordinate help desk activities: This involves assigning tasks and tickets to team members, setting priorities, and monitoring progress to ensure timely resolution of customer issues.

  2. Provide guidance and support: Help Desk Managers assist their team by offering guidance, answering questions, and providing solutions to complex issues. They may also provide training and mentorship to help desk staff.

  3. Resolve escalated issues: When a customer issue cannot be resolved by the help desk staff, the Help Desk Manager steps in to provide expertise and find a resolution. They may collaborate with other departments, such as IT or Development, to address the problem.

  4. Monitor performance and quality: Help Desk Managers track metrics and performance indicators to evaluate the team's productivity and customer satisfaction. They analyze data to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

  5. Update and enforce policies: Help Desk Managers ensure that help desk policies, procedures, and knowledge bases are up-to-date and easily accessible. They also enforce compliance with security protocols and best practices.

  6. Foster a positive work environment: It is the responsibility of the Help Desk Manager to create and maintain a positive and supportive work environment for the help desk staff. They encourage teamwork, provide feedback, and recognize outstanding performance.

  7. Collaborate with stakeholders: Help Desk Managers work closely with other departments, such as IT, Operations, and Customer Support, to align goals, collaborate on projects, and provide a seamless customer experience.

  8. Stay updated on industry trends: To effectively manage a help desk, it is crucial to stay informed about industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices. Help Desk Managers continuously educate themselves and their team on advancements that can improve service delivery.

Overall, a Help Desk Manager ensures smooth operations, provides support and guidance, resolves complex issues, monitors performance and quality, updates policies, fosters a positive work environment, collaborates with stakeholders, and stays informed about industry trends.

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