Dispatcher Job Description Template

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Dispatcher Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a reliable Dispatcher to act as a communication point for emergency and non-emergency calls. You will receive requests, transmit messages and track vehicles.

The ideal candidate must be primarily an excellent communicator and able to remain calm and composed, especially in emergency situations. You must be able to multi-task as well as take the appropriate action with little supervision.

The goal is to enable different parties to communicate well by ensuring the accurate and timely transmission of information.


  • Receive emergency and non-emergency calls and record significant information
  • Address problems and requests by transmitting information or providing solutions
  • Receive and dispatch orders for products or deliveries
  • Prioritize calls according to urgency and importance
  • Use radio, phone or computer to send crews, vehicles or other field units to appropriate locations
  • Monitor the route and status of field units to coordinate and prioritize their schedule
  • Provide field units with information about orders, traffic, obstacles and requirements
  • Enter data in computer system and maintain logs and records of calls, activities and other information


  • Proven experience as dispatcher or relevant position
  • Tech-savvy with knowledge of relevant methods (CAD)
  • Fast typing with experience in data entry
  • Knowledge of procedures and guideline for emergency situations
  • Proficient in English (oral and written)
  • Outstanding organizational and multitasking abilities
  • Active listener with excellent communication skills
  • Sound judgement and critical thinking
  • High school diploma

What does Dispatcher do?

A Dispatcher is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the activities of field personnel, such as drivers or technicians, to ensure efficient and timely completion of tasks or assignments. On a day-to-day basis, a Dispatcher typically performs the following tasks:

  1. Receiving and recording requests for service or assignments from clients or customers.
  2. Evaluating requests and determining the appropriate personnel, equipment, or vehicles needed to fulfill the requests.
  3. Assigning tasks or routes to field personnel based on proximity, availability, and expertise.
  4. Communicating with field personnel to provide them with detailed instructions, directions, or information related to their assignments.
  5. Tracking the progress of assignments and ensuring that field personnel are meeting deadlines or service level agreements.
  6. Monitoring the location and status of field personnel using tracking software or systems.
  7. Responding to inquiries, complaints, or emergencies from field personnel, clients, or customers, and providing necessary support or resolving issues.
  8. Coordinating with other departments or teams within the organization to ensure smooth operations and effective resource allocation.
  9. Maintaining accurate records, logs, or databases to track assignments, equipment usage, or personnel activities.
  10. Providing regular updates or reports to supervisors or management regarding the completion of assignments, performance metrics, or any operational issues.

Overall, a Dispatcher plays a crucial role in optimizing resources and managing logistics while efficiently coordinating field operations.

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