Technical Account Manager Job Description Template

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Technical Account Manager Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are looking for a qualified Technical account manager to oversee and address our customers’ technical needs. You will provide accurate technical service before and after the point of sale, ensuring customer satisfaction.

As a Technical account manager, you should be a tech-savvy professional, able to explain technical details and requirements to a non-technical audience. You should also be results-driven and aspire to achieve specific goals.

Ultimately, you should be able to provide technical, product and business knowledge to support sales process and strengthen customer relationships.


  • Provide technical support for customers to support pre-sales and post-sales processes
  • Address all product-related queries on time
  • Train customers to use products effectively
  • Provide developers with customers’ feedback to help identify potential new features or products
  • Report on product performance
  • Identify solutions to reduce support costs
  • Analyze customers’ needs and suggest upgrades or additional features to meet their requirements
  • Liaise with the sales department to win new business and increase sales
  • Establish best practices
  • Keep track of sales performance metrics


  • Proven work experience as a Technical account manager
  • Solid technical background with hands on experience in digital technologies
  • Familiarity with software and front-end development
  • An ability to gasp customers’ needs and suggest timely solutions
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • BSc degree in Computer Science or relevant field

What does Technical Account Manager do?

A Technical Account Manager (TAM) is responsible for managing the relationship between a company and its customers. On a day-to-day basis, a TAM's tasks may include:

  1. Building and maintaining relationships with customers: TAMs act as a primary point of contact for customers. They regularly communicate with customers to understand their needs, provide updates on product or service offerings, and address any issues or concerns.

  2. Assisting with onboarding and implementation: TAMs help customers with the onboarding process and ensure a smooth implementation of products or services. They work closely with the customer to understand their requirements and provide guidance on best practices.

  3. Providing technical support: TAMs troubleshoot technical issues that customers may encounter and assist in resolving them. They collaborate with internal teams, such as engineering or support, to ensure timely and effective solutions.

  4. Conducting regular check-ins: TAMs schedule regular check-ins with customers to assess their satisfaction, gather feedback, and identify any potential areas for improvement. They use this information to proactively address customer needs and develop strategies to increase customer success.

  5. Managing projects and escalations: TAMs oversee projects related to the customer's account, ensuring timely delivery and meeting customer expectations. They also handle any escalations that arise and facilitate resolutions to maintain customer satisfaction.

  6. Providing product demonstrations and training: TAMs may provide product demonstrations or training sessions to customers, helping them better understand the features and functionalities of the product or service.

  7. Analyzing data and reporting: TAMs analyze customer data to identify trends, opportunities for improvement, and areas of concern. They prepare and present reports to both the customer and internal teams, highlighting key metrics and recommending actions to drive customer success.

Overall, the role of a Technical Account Manager is to ensure the success of customers by serving as a trusted advisor and advocate, providing technical expertise, and driving customer satisfaction and retention.

Technical Account Manager Job Description Examples

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Technical Account

Manager (Aerospace & Defense, Federal and Marine...

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innovative and diverse Digital Minds to develop tomorrows reality. Find

out more about the Digital world of Siemens here:

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Technical Account


Engage with customer to gather business and technical


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Technical Account Manager• Starburst

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Technical Account Manager• RTB House


Short Description...

RTB House is a global company that provides state-of-the-art marketing technologies for the top brands worldwide. With 750+ specialists, in 70+ markets, and 2,000+ clients across various regions, we have set new market standards when it comes to truly personalized marketing. With the power of Deep Learning technology, we have successfully developed solutions t...

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Senior Technical Account Manager• Amperity

Amperity is more than just the leading customer data platform — THE PEOPLE bring experience from all different backgrounds, reflecting our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. THE TECHNOLOGY is multi-patented, AI-powered customer data management software that we invented to help solve issues that have been frustrating consumer brands for years. THE OPPORTUNITY is to hitch your career...

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