Photoshoot Stylist Job Description Template

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Photoshoot Stylist Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are looking for a Photoshoot Stylist to coordinate fashion photoshoots, from choosing outfits to staging photo-shooting areas.

Photoshoot Stylist responsibilities include liaising with fashion designers to buy or borrow their fashion items, picking unique locations and creating eye-catching looks for each photoshoot. If you’re genuinely interested in fashion, have styling experience and know how to develop innovative looks for all body types, we’d like to meet you.

Ultimately, you will ensure we produce artistic and commercial photos that sell our products and convey our messages.


  • Create unique looks from head to toe
  • Pick fashionable outfits, shoes and accessories
  • Coordinate with photographers, models and hair and makeup artists for specific projects
  • Research and recommend locations for each photoshoot
  • Prepare photoshoot areas using appropriate props
  • Adjust lighting, angle and model position to present each outfit in the best way
  • Ensure that the final result is within quality standards and aligns with the scope of the project
  • Return all borrowed items in a good condition
  • Develop and maintain good relationships with fashion industry professionals, including designers, photographers, editors and retailers


  • Work experience as a Photoshoot Stylist, Fashion Stylist or similar role
  • Portfolio of previously created styles for photoshoots or catalogues is a plus
  • Ability to style entire looks in a creative, forward-thinking way
  • Up-to-date with the latest fashion trends in clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup
  • Familiar with a wide range of brands and designers
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Availability to work long hours during photoshoot days
  • Flexibility to travel, as needed
  • Degree in Fashion Design, Photography or relevant field

What does Photoshoot Stylist do?

A Photoshoot Stylist is responsible for curating and styling the overall look and feel of a photoshoot. Their day-to-day tasks can vary depending on the specifics of the shoot, but typically include:

  1. Preparing for the shoot: This involves researching and gathering inspiration, creating mood boards, and collaborating with the creative team to discuss ideas and concepts for the shoot.

  2. Planning and sourcing: Stylists select and acquire clothing, accessories, props, and other necessary items to bring the desired look to life. They may reach out to brands and designers to borrow or purchase suitable items, or visit stores, showrooms, and flea markets to source unique pieces.

  3. Creating outfits: Based on the concept and requirements of the shoot, the stylist will put together outfits or looks that align with the desired aesthetic. They consider factors such as color, texture, style, and fit to create visually appealing and cohesive looks that complement the overall vision.

  4. Collaborating with the team: Stylists work closely with photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and models to ensure all elements work together harmoniously. They provide guidance on how outfits should be worn, suggest alterations or modifications, and communicate the vision and goals to the team.

  5. On-set support: During the shoot, the stylist is responsible for ensuring that the clothing and accessories are properly styled and maintained. They assist with the dressing of models, make necessary adjustments, and address any wardrobe malfunctions or issues that may arise.

  6. Post-production and wrapping up: After the shoot, the stylist may assist with auditing and organizing the return of borrowed items, arranging for dry cleaning or repairs, and participating in post-production meetings to review the final images and ensure the desired look has been achieved.

Overall, a photoshoot stylist brings creativity, attention to detail, and fashion expertise to the table, playing a crucial role in creating visually striking and engaging images.

Photoshoot Stylist Job Description Examples

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The Photo Stylist will be preparing, managing and styling juniors, plus and childrens merchandise for all on-figure photography...On occasion this may include photography for other marketing needs.

Photo Stylists should have experience in the fashion industry in a high volume creative capacity.

.Estimated Salary: $20 to $28 per hou...

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Buyer /Photoshoot Stylist• Pink Desert

Email resumes to: [email protected]

Job Description...

Pink Desert is looking for a Buyer & Stylist who exhibits a love and expertise for fashion and styling. The ideal candidate will identify with and understand Pink Desert's products, mission, and vision statement with a desire to work long-term and grow with our company.

Flexibility with Part-time to Full-time hours

Must be availab...

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Photoshoot Stylist• Instasks App platform

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Photo Studio Styling Assistant• Educated Solutions Corp
  • Brooklyn, NYThis email is to inform you that Request ID 73459-1 has been released to you for review. Please see the details below for more information: Request Name: Stylist Assistant - Stylist AssistantRequest ID: 73459-1Anticipated Start Date: 3/8/2022Assignment Dates: : 3/8/2022 - 6/7/2022Organization: Bop LLCRequest Type: Competitive SourcedWork Location: JFK13-Photo Studio (New York)City...
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