Receiving Clerk Job Description Template

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Receiving Clerk Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are looking for a responsible Receiving Clerk to receive, inspect and record shipments with raw material or products. You will be responsible for unloading packages and checking their contents to ensure they match the orders.

A receiving clerk must have a great eye for detail and basic math skills. They must also have adequate physical strength to unload shippings as well as the clerical skills to update records and follow up with suppliers.

The goal is to ensure we receive the correct packages and stock them appropriately.


  • Collaborate with procurement staff to list expected deliveries
  • Receive shipments and sign paperwork upon receipt
  • Unload packages from incoming trucks
  • Inspect contents to ensure they are undamaged
  • Verify packages according to order and invoices (quantity, quality, price etc.)
  • Contact supplier or shipper if a mistake is identified
  • Assume responsibility for returning unsatisfactory shipments or receiving replacements
  • Label deliveries and allocate them to their designated place
  • Ensure invoices are signed and paid for satisfactory deliveries
  • Maintain accurate records and assist in inventory control


  • Proven experience as receiving clerk or similar position
  • Experience in operating forklifts
  • Working knowledge of computer programs for entering data
  • Solid understanding of health and safety regulations
  • Basic math and recording abilities
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Great communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Good physical condition
  • High school diploma

What does Receiving Clerk do?

A receiving clerk is responsible for receiving and inspecting incoming shipments, verifying the contents against the purchase orders or invoices, and ensuring that items are stored in the appropriate locations. On a day to day basis, a receiving clerk typically performs the following tasks:

  1. Receiving shipments: Receive incoming shipments from suppliers or other departments in the organization. This involves physically handling and inspecting the goods.

  2. Inspecting and verifying: Check the received items against purchase orders, invoices, or packing lists to ensure accuracy and quality. Verify the quantity, condition, and specifications of the items received.

  3. Documenting and recording: Create and maintain records of all incoming shipments, including item descriptions, quantities, and any discrepancies or damages noted during inspection. This information is often entered into a computer or manual log.

  4. Handling paperwork: Process and manage paperwork related to the received items, such as updating inventory records, filing documents, and forwarding any relevant information to the appropriate departments.

  5. Coordinating with other departments: Collaborate with other departments, such as purchasing or accounting, to resolve any issues or discrepancies related to received shipments.

  6. Organizing and storing: Ensure that received items are stored in the appropriate locations, following established procedures and guidelines. This may involve labeling, categorizing, and organizing items to facilitate easy retrieval.

  7. Assisting with inventory management: Assist with inventory counts, stock checks, and cycle counts to maintain accurate inventory records. This may include physically counting and reconciling inventory.

  8. Communicating and reporting: Communicate with suppliers, transport companies, or internal departments on delivery schedules, discrepancies, or any other relevant issues. Prepare reports or summaries of received items as required.

  9. Maintaining a clean and organized work area: Keep the receiving area and storage areas clean, organized, and free from safety hazards. Ensure that equipment, such as forklifts or pallet jacks, are properly maintained and used safely.

Overall, a receiving clerk plays a crucial role in the organization's supply chain management by ensuring the accurate receipt, inspection, storage, and documentation of incoming goods.

Receiving Clerk Job Description Examples

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1st Shift...

6am-2:30pm Mon-Fri

Wage: $22.50

About FedEx Supply Chain

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We know that successful treatment requires... ...

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Receiving Clerk• Lippert


Who We Are...

Lippert is a leading, global manufacturer and supplier of highly engineered products and customized solutions, dedicated to shaping, growing and bettering the RV, marine, automotive, commercial vehicle and building products industries. We combine our strategic manufacturing capabilities with the power of our winning team culture to deliver unrivaled customer service, aw...

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Receiving Clerk• Fiesta Mart | Fiesta Mart LLC


Receiving Clerks are responsible for the receipt of all vendor and warehouse merchandise in the store. Additional tasks include controlling the receiving environment, including tracking of credits and transfers while maintaining great customer service...

JOB DUTIES• Ensure that all grocery deliveries are properly received and stored safely.• Oversee direct store deliveries for inv...

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