Compensation and Benefits Specialist Job Description Template

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Compensation and Benefits Specialist Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a Compensation and Benefits Specialist to oversee and administer the employees perfect rewards and smart benefits. You will assess personnel needs and draft targeted programs that will increase performance, organisational trust and satisfaction.

The goal is to attract, retain and motivate high quality employees while reducing turnover and enhancing our company’s profile as best place to work.


  • Define a fair, equitable and competitive total compensation and benefits package that fits and is aligned to our company’s strategy and business goals
  • Develop a consistent compensation philosophy in line with work culture and organisational objectives
  • Ensure that compensation practices are in compliance with current legislation (pay equity, human rights, etc)
  • Use various methods and techniques and make data based decisions on direct financial, indirect financial and nonfinancial compensations
  • Assess employees needs by conducting organisational psychology surveys to find out what motivates and engages employees
  • Prepare job descriptions, job analysis, job evaluations and job classifications
  • Participate in salary and labour market surveys to determine prevailing pay rates and benefits
  • Differentiate pay systems to invest in the segments of workforce that contribute the most value
  • Deploy effective communication strategies and success metrics
  • Conduct ongoing research into emerging trends, issues and best practices
  • Conduct periodic audits and prepare reports


  • Proven working experience as a Compensation and Benefits Specialist
  • Prior experience in HR practices and compensation cycle management
  • Working knowledge of job evaluation and job analysis systems
  • Previous experience with organisational psychology and labour market surveys
  • Adequate knowledge of current labour rules and regulations
  • Familiarity with various types of incentives and benefits
  • Extensive knowledge of HRIS and MS Office
  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills
  • BS degree in human resources, business administration or finance

What does Compensation and Benefits Specialist do?

A Compensation and Benefits Specialist is responsible for managing and implementing the compensation and benefits programs within an organization. On a day-to-day basis, their tasks may include:

  1. Conducting salary benchmarking and market analysis to ensure the competitiveness of the organization's compensation packages.
  2. Developing, reviewing, and implementing compensation and benefits policies and procedures.
  3. Evaluating job descriptions and analyzing job classifications to determine appropriate salary levels.
  4. Administering employee benefits programs, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and leave policies.
  5. Processing payroll and ensuring accurate and timely payment.
  6. Collaborating with HR and finance teams to ensure that compensation and benefits programs are within the organization's budget and comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
  7. Analyzing compensation and benefits data to identify trends, issues, and potential areas for improvement.
  8. Conducting research on industry trends and best practices to continually improve the organization's compensation and benefits programs.
  9. Assisting employees with inquiries related to compensation, benefits, and payroll.
  10. Managing relationships with external vendors, such as insurance providers and pension administrators.

The specific responsibilities can vary depending on the organization's size, industry, and structure.