Pizza Chef Job Description Template

Use this Pizza Chef job description template to advertise the open roles for free using You can use this template as a starting point, modify the requirements according the needs of your organization or the client you are hiring for.

Job Brief

We are looking for a Pizza Chef to join our kitchen staff and make delicious pizzas based on both traditional and modern recipes.

Pizza Chef responsibilities include preparing pizza dough, slicing and chopping toppings like vegetables and meats and executing customers’ orders considering special requests. To be successful in this role, you should have experience with various pizza types and be available to work during business hours.

Ultimately, you will help increase client satisfaction by preparing high-quality pizzas.


  • Prepare pizzas out of our menu and based on custom orders
  • Bake a wide variety of pizza doughs, including thin crust, thick crust and cheese-stuffed
  • Make fresh tomato, pesto and white cream sauces
  • Wash and chop vegetables (for example, tomatoes, peppers, onions and mushrooms)
  • Cut, slice and grill meats like chicken, ham and beef
  • Monitor food stock and place orders, as needed
  • Use less traditional ingredients to appeal to a larger audience (for example, vegan cheese and gluten-free flour)
  • Cook appetizers, like mozzarella sticks, pizza bites, garlic breads and salads
  • Recommend new recipes to update our menus
  • Maintain a clean cooking station and sterilize equipment


  • Work experience as a Pizza Chef or similar role in a restaurant
  • Hands-on experience with preparing and baking pizza doughs
  • Familiarity with professional kitchen equipment and brick or stone oven
  • Understanding of food hygiene
  • Good time-management skills
  • Team spirit
  • Flexibility to work in shifts, including weekends and evenings
  • Diploma from a culinary school is a plus

What does Pizza Chef do?

A pizza chef, also known as a pizzaiolo, typically performs the following tasks on a day-to-day basis:

  1. Prepares dough: A pizza chef starts the day by mixing and kneading the pizza dough. They ensure the dough is properly proofed and ready for use.

  2. Makes pizza sauce: They prepare the sauce by blending ingredients such as tomatoes, herbs, and spices to create a flavorful base for the pizza.

  3. Chooses toppings: Pizza chefs select and prepare various types of toppings, such as cheese, vegetables, meats, and herbs, based on customer preferences and menu offerings.

  4. Assembles pizzas: They stretch or roll the dough into the desired shape and size, then spread the sauce evenly on the dough and add the toppings. The pizza chef pays attention to presentation and ensures the toppings are evenly distributed.

  5. Bakes pizzas: Once assembled, the pizzas are placed in a hot oven or pizza stone to bake at the appropriate temperature and for the required duration. The chef monitors the cooking process to achieve the desired level of crust crispness and topping melt.

  6. Creates pizza variations: A pizza chef may experiment with different pizza styles, such as thin crust, deep-dish, or stuffed crust, and create unique flavor combinations to offer customers new options.

  7. Maintains cleanliness: They maintain a clean and organized work area, frequently sanitize surfaces, and regularly clean equipment and utensils.

  8. Collaborates with other kitchen staff: Pizza chefs often work in collaboration with other kitchen staff, such as sous chefs or line cooks, to coordinate orders, share preparation tasks, and ensure a smooth kitchen operation.

  9. Manages inventory: They keep track of ingredient supplies, place orders for restocking when needed, and ensure that ingredients are fresh and within expiration dates.

  10. Upholds food safety standards: A pizza chef follows proper food safety and hygiene practices, including safe food storage, proper handling, and appropriate cooking temperatures, to ensure the safety and quality of the food they prepare.

While these are typical tasks, the specific duties of a pizza chef may vary depending on the establishment and its menu offerings.