Sushi Chef Job Description Template

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Sushi Chef Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are looking for a Sushi Chef to join our culinary team and prepare delicious plates for our guests.

Sushi Chef responsibilities include handling a wide range of raw fish and other ingredients, managing food stock and working with an attention to detail to fulfill all orders within quality standards. To be successful in this role, you should have experience with Japanese cuisine and be available to work during our opening hours.

Ultimately, you will help us establish our reputation as one of the best sushi places in the area and increase our clientele.


  • Create a rich sushi menu with various main ingredients and raw fish (for example, salmon, tuna, unagi)
  • Prepare all types of sushi, including maki, nigiri and sashimi
  • Select fresh fruits and vegetables to make high-quality dishes (like avocado, mango and carrots)
  • Add additional flavors to sushi rolls with ginger, rice vinegar, wasabi and soy sauce, when appropriate
  • Manage food prep activities, like boiling rice
  • Coordinate with our wait staff to ensure proper cooking, considering special requests and food allergies
  • Prepare appetizers, soups and salads that are close to the philosophy of Japanese cuisine
  • Monitor food stock and place orders, as needed
  • Recommend new, modern recipes, like sushi burgers
  • Maintain hygiene principles in all cooking areas and clean your space at the end of the shift


  • Work experience as a Sushi Chef or at an Asian restaurant
  • Good knowledge of various sushi types and sushi-rolling techniques
  • Ability to work both fast and accurately
  • Team spirit
  • Availability to work during business hours, including weekends and evenings
  • Flexibility to take on various shifts
  • Certification from a culinary school is a plus

What does Sushi Chef do?

A Sushi Chef, also known as Itamae, typically performs a range of tasks on a daily basis. Here are some of the key responsibilities:

  1. Prepares ingredients: The chef starts by selecting and sourcing fresh seafood, fish, vegetables, and other necessary ingredients. They may also handle the proper storage and organization of these ingredients.

  2. Sushi rice preparation: A crucial aspect of sushi making is the preparation of sushi rice. The chef carefully washes and cooks the rice, and then seasons it with sushi vinegar.

  3. Sushi making: The chef skillfully prepares a variety of sushi dishes, such as nigiri (raw fish or seafood atop a small mound of rice), sashimi (thinly sliced raw fish without rice), maki (rolled sushi with various fillings inside), and temaki (hand-rolled sushi cones).

  4. Knife skills: Sushi chefs are known for their precise knife work. They must have excellent knife skills to slice ingredients with accuracy and delicacy.

  5. Presentation: Sushi is not just about taste but also aesthetics. Sushi chefs take pride in creating visually appealing and beautifully arranged sushi plates, often incorporating garnishes, sauces, and edible decorations.

  6. Interacting with customers: In some sushi bars or restaurants, the chef works directly in front of the customers at a sushi counter. They may engage in conversation, answer questions, and take special requests from customers. Building rapport with customers is important for a memorable dining experience.

  7. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene: Sushi chefs ensure that the work area, utensils, and equipment are kept clean and sanitized to maintain food safety standards.

  8. Menu development: Some experienced sushi chefs may contribute to the creation and development of new sushi dishes or seasonal menus. They experiment with flavors, textures, and combinations to offer unique dining experiences.

  9. Inventory management: Sushi chefs may also assist with ordering and maintaining inventory by monitoring ingredient levels and suggesting restocking needs to the management.

  10. Continuous learning: Sushi chefs are often passionate about their craft and constantly strive to improve their skills and knowledge. They may practice new techniques, explore different flavor profiles, or study traditional and contemporary sushi-making methods.

It is worth noting that the specific responsibilities and daily tasks of a sushi chef may vary depending on their level of experience, the type of establishment they work in, and the expectations set by the management.

Sushi Chef Job Description Examples

Sushi Chef• Open Sushi

Open Sushi is a small Family owned Japanese sushi restaurant looking for a full time or part time server, we are not a super busy restaurant and everybody here is very friendly. Please give us a call or a message and join the Family! Thank you!

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time...

Pay: $15.00 - $25.00 per hour

Benefits:• Flexible schedule

Restaurant type:• Casual dining restaurant


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Head Sushi Chef• Makoto

Makoto, affiliated with STARR Restaurants, ushers Japanese cuisine into the 21st century. Our newly launched location on the 3rd floor at Bal Harbour Shops is a colorful and contemporary indoor and outdoor space curated by international designer India Mahdavi who was inspired by the idea of combining a French brasserie, Japanese restaurant, and an American diner under one roof.

Chef Makoto... ...

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Sushi Chef ( Hourly )• Landry's Seafood

Job Description


Sushi Chef ( Hourly )

Very Competitive pay plus tip share!

This isn’t just your next job – it’s your opportunity to be part of an amazing team that delivers on our promise to meet and exceed our guest’s experience the moment they walk through our doors! We offer structured programs for growth and career advancement and consider our employees to be our ...

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Sushi Chef• Wave Sushi

Our restaurant needs an experienced Sushi Chef to join our team. You will prepare sushi rolls and dishes from the sushi bar, taking orders from those seated at the sushi bar as well as from patrons in the restaurant. Our ideal candidate is comfortable with a variety of sushi rolling, plating, and related cooking techniques and has experience working in a busy sushi restaurant. Advanced knife......

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