Food Expeditor Job Description

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What is a Food Expeditor?

A Food Expeditor is a professional who works in the food and beverage industry. Their main role is to act as a liaison between the kitchen staff and the serving staff, ensuring that orders are prepared accurately and delivered to the correct tables in a timely manner. Food Expeditors are responsible for coordinating the flow of orders, checking for quality and presentation, and ensuring that all meals are properly garnished before they are served to customers.

Food Expeditors typically work in restaurants, hotels, catering companies, and other food service establishments.

What does Food Expeditor do?

A Food Expeditor is responsible for ensuring that food orders are prepared and delivered efficiently and accurately to the customers. On a day-to-day basis, their tasks may include:

  1. Communicating with the kitchen staff: The food expeditor coordinates with the chefs and kitchen staff to ensure that all orders are prepared correctly and in a timely manner. They relay information about special requests or modifications and ensure that each dish meets the customer's requirements.

  2. Checking food quality: The expeditor inspects each plate of food before it is served to ensure that it meets the established quality standards. They verify that all items on the plate are present, properly cooked, garnished, and presented well.

  3. Coordinating with servers: The food expeditor works closely with the serving staff to ensure that food is delivered promptly and efficiently to customers. They synchronize the timing of the dishes so that each course arrives at the table in the correct order.

  4. Managing special requests or allergies: The expeditor ensures that any special dietary requirements or allergies are properly communicated to the kitchen staff. They verify that special requests are accommodated and that the necessary precautions are taken to prevent cross-contamination.

  5. Monitoring overall efficiency: The expeditor keeps track of the pace of the kitchen and ensures that orders are prepared and delivered within the appropriate time frame. They may also help in prioritizing orders during busy periods to maintain an efficient workflow.

  6. Handling customer concerns: In case of any customer complaints or concerns related to food quality or service, the expeditor acts as a liaison between the front-of-house staff, kitchen team, and management. They address any issues promptly and work towards resolving them to ensure customer satisfaction.

  7. Maintaining cleanliness and sanitation standards: The expeditor ensures that the kitchen area, food stations, and plating areas are clean, organized, and meet the required food safety and sanitation regulations.

Overall, the food expeditor plays a crucial role in ensuring that the food service operation runs smoothly, the food is of high quality, and the customers' dining experience is enjoyable.

What skills are needed to be a Food Expeditor?

1. Communication Skills: A food expeditor must possess strong communication skills to effectively coordinate with chefs, servers, and kitchen staff, ensuring a smooth flow of orders and timely service.

2. Organizational Skills: This role requires excellent organizational skills to track multiple orders, prioritize tasks, and manage the kitchen workflow efficiently.

3. Attention to Detail: Paying close attention to detail is crucial for a food expeditor to ensure that each dish meets quality standards, is properly garnished, and matches the requested specifications.

4. Knowledge of Culinary Techniques: Familiarity with culinary techniques allows a food expeditor to understand the cooking times and methods required for different dishes, ensuring that they are cooked to perfection.

5. Time Management Skills: Food expeditors must have strong time management skills to prioritize tasks, coordinate the timing of orders, and ensure that food is served fresh and promptly.

6. Problem-Solving Abilities: Being able to quickly resolve issues or unexpected challenges that may occur during service is an essential skill for a food expeditor to maintain efficiency and customer satisfaction.

7. Multitasking Skills: Food expeditors often handle multiple orders simultaneously. The ability to multitask efficiently, while maintaining accuracy and attention to detail, is crucial for success in this role.

8. Teamwork Skills: Collaboration and the ability to work well with others, including chefs, servers, and kitchen staff, is important for a food expeditor to contribute to a positive and productive work environment.

9. Knowledge of Health and Safety Standards: Understanding and adhering to food safety and sanitation regulations is necessary for a food expeditor to ensure the overall safety and well-being of customers and staff.

10. Flexibility: Being adaptable and flexible in a fast-paced and ever-changing restaurant environment allows a food expeditor to handle unexpected situations or changes in customer orders effectively.

Food Expeditor

Food Expeditor duties and responsibilities

Top Duties of a Food Expeditor:

  1. Coordinating Food Orders: Ensuring all food items are prepared in a timely manner and coordinating with the kitchen staff to prioritize orders.
  2. Quality Control: Verifying the accuracy and presentation of each dish before it is served to guests, ensuring it meets the restaurant's standards.
  3. Communicating with Servers: Liaising between the kitchen and front of house staff to ensure smooth service and excellent customer experience.
  4. Managing Timing: Ensuring that meals are prepared and plated correctly, coordinating the timing of each course to maintain a steady flow of service.
  5. Handling Special Requests: Ensuring any special dietary requirements or customer requests are communicated to the kitchen and properly accommodated.
  6. Monitoring Inventory: Keeping track of stock levels and communicating with the kitchen and management regarding any shortages or necessary restocking.
  7. Maintaining Sanitary Standards: Adhering to food safety regulations and ensuring that all plates and utensils are clean and sanitized before being served to guests.

Qualifications required to be Food Expeditor

The qualifications required for a Food Expeditor can vary depending on the specific establishment and its requirements. However, some common qualifications may include:

  1. Experience: Previous experience in the food service industry is usually preferred. This could include working as a server, busser, or kitchen assistant.

  2. Knowledge of food safety: A good understanding of food safety and hygiene practices is essential. This includes knowledge of proper food handling, storage, and temperature control.

  3. Communication skills: Excellent communication skills are crucial for a Food Expeditor. They need to effectively communicate with kitchen staff, servers, and customers to ensure smooth and accurate food delivery.

  4. Organizational skills: Food Expeditors are responsible for managing multiple orders at once, so strong organizational skills are necessary. They should be able to prioritize tasks and work efficiently to ensure timely food delivery.

  5. Attention to detail: Attention to detail is important to ensure that all orders are accurately prepared and presented.

  6. Physical stamina: This role can be physically demanding, as it often involves standing for long periods and may require lifting heavy trays or boxes.

  7. Ability to handle pressure: The ability to work under pressure and in a fast-paced environment is essential, as food expediter roles often involve coordinating food delivery during busy service times.

It's important to note that these qualifications can vary, so it's recommended to review the specific job requirements and qualifications listed in the job posting or speak with the hiring manager for more information.

Food Expeditor Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are looking for a competent Food expeditor to help keep a smooth workflow between the kitchen and the tables. You will work in a fast-paced environment to get proper orders out faster and more efficiently.

As food expeditor, you must have excellent communication skills and experience in a restaurant’s hectic setting. You must have enough stamina to be in constant motion and skills to coordinate and organize processes and people.

The goal is to make service faster and better to help enhance our quality and reputation.


  • Ensure the efficient flow of orders from the waiters to the kitchen
  • Ensure orders are being prepared with the correct priority
  • Assist in the final preparation of dishes
  • Check dishes before delivery for accuracy, presentation and temperature
  • Deliver orders to maintain fast service
  • Eliminate obstacles in service, food preparation lines or dishwashing
  • Inspect the premises according to quality and sanitation standards and assist in cleaning
  • Transfer important information between the kitchen and the wait staff (e.g. when a customer has a particular request)
  • Handle complaints from clients to preserve the restaurant’s reputation
  • Support other tasks as needed (e.g. telephone orders)


  • Proven experience as food expeditor or other restaurant position
  • Understanding of health and safety rules in a restaurant
  • Dexterity in using kitchen equipment or utensils and carry heavy trays
  • Well-organized and ability to lead and direct people
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Outstanding coordination and multi-tasking abilities
  • A customer-oriented approach
  • Great physical endurance
  • High school diploma; Higher degree in hospitality or relevant field will be appreciated
  • Food handling certification may be required according to legal regulations

What are some qualities of a good Food Expeditor?

A good food expeditor possesses several key qualities that contribute to the efficient and seamless operation of a restaurant. Firstly, strong organizational skills are essential. The expeditor must be able to prioritize tasks, manage multiple orders simultaneously, and ensure that each dish is served at the appropriate time. Additionally, effective communication skills are crucial. The expeditor must be able to relay information accurately and efficiently between the kitchen staff and the waitstaff, ensuring that everyone is aware of any modifications or special requests for a particular dish. Furthermore, attention to detail is essential. The expeditor must carefully review each dish before it is served, ensuring that it meets the restaurant's quality standards and matches the customer's order. An expeditor should also possess the ability to remain calm under pressure, as the role often requires quick decision-making and problem-solving. Overall, a good food expeditor is someone who is organized, communicates effectively, pays attention to detail, and can handle the fast-paced and high-pressure environment of a restaurant kitchen.

What are the salary expectations of Food Expeditor?

The salary expectations of a food expeditor can vary depending on factors such as location, level of experience, and the specific establishment. Generally, food expeditors are hourly employees and their pay can range from $10 to $18 per hour. However, in some cases, experienced expeditors in high-end or fine dining restaurants may earn higher hourly wages or even salary positions with additional benefits.

Who does Food Expeditor report to?

The Food Expeditor typically reports to either the Sous Chef or the Kitchen Manager/Executive Chef in a restaurant setting. They work closely with the line cooks, servers, and sometimes the front-of-house staff as well.

Last Updated 27 Sep, 2023

Food Expeditor Job Description Examples

Food Expeditor• Doherty Enterprises

As an Expeditor, you will be responsible for coordination and consolidation of all outgoing food items from the kitchen assuring high standards of plate presentation and food quality.

Join our Team...

The health and well-being of our associates is a high priority. We offer competitive compensation and benefits to both hourly and salaried associates, based on eligibility and availability. We b...

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Cabo Wabo Food Expeditor• The WaterfrontThe Waterfront

Pay rage: $16.50-17.75

Primary Responsibilities...

Responsible for keeping time of food tickets and ensuring the cooks are preparing in a way to present to tables. Must ensure the proper presentation of foods before providing to food runner, server, or running oneself. Accountable for setting up and tearing down the kitchen in order to set-up the operation for success.

Essential Job Duties:...

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Cashier Food Expeditor• Bodega Taqueria y Tequila South Beach

As a Cashier Food Expeditor you will courteously handle all cash and credit card transactions, take phone orders and in person orders while providing customers with a memorable experience and the highest level of service.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS...• Ring up, process, and takes orders on the phone and in person while using the guest's name (if provided) at all times.• Uses suggestive selling tech...

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Food Expeditor - Alinea• The Alinea Group

Alinea Restaurant seeks a Food Expeditor to join our team in Chicago. The ideal candidate must be able to effortlessly multi-task, possess great communication skills, and enjoys the learning aspects of food and beverage.

Compensation is hourly...

Steps to Apply:• Send in your resume for review• Schedule phone interview with Human Resources• Schedule in-person paid stage with Alinea team


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