Room Attendant Job Description Template

Use this Room Attendant job description template to advertise the open roles for free using You can use this template as a starting point, modify the requirements according the needs of your organization or the client you are hiring for.
Room Attendant Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a Room Attendant to join our team and provide excellent customer service to our hotel guests.

Room attendant responsibilities include changing towels, making beds and cleaning bathrooms. You will also address clients’ queries and make sure our rooms are fully-stocked, clean and inviting at all times. If you’re interesting in kickstarting your career in the hotel industry, we’d like to meet you.

Ultimately, you will ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience for our guests during their stay with us.


  • Change bed linen and make beds
  • Replace used towels
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Dust furniture
  • Replenish bath care products (e.g. soap and shampoo)
  • Restock beverages and food items in the mini-bar
  • Clean public areas, like corridors
  • Report any technical issues and maintenance needs
  • Address guests’ queries (e.g. on additional services)
  • Help guests retrieve lost items
  • Ensure all assigned rooms are clean and tidy by the end of the shift
  • Follow hotel security guidelines


  • Work experience as a Room Attendant or Maid
  • Experience with industrial cleaning equipment and products
  • Good physical health and stamina
  • Flexibility to work in shifts
  • Ability to work with little or no supervision while meeting high-performance standards
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • High school diploma is a plus

What does Room Attendant do?

A Room Attendant, also known as a Housekeeper or Maid, is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and overall appearance of guest rooms in hotels, resorts, or other accommodation establishments. On a day-to-day basis, their tasks typically include:

  1. Cleaning and servicing guest rooms: This involves making beds, dusting surfaces, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, and cleaning bathrooms. The Room Attendant ensures that all amenities are replenished and that the room is organized and visually appealing.

  2. Changing bed linens and towels: They remove used linens and replace them with fresh ones. They may also wash and fold linens in the on-site laundry if required.

  3. Stocking and replenishing supplies: Room Attendants restock toiletries, coffee/tea supplies, drinking glasses, and other amenities to ensure guests have everything they need during their stay.

  4. Reporting maintenance issues: They inform the maintenance department about any repairs or maintenance requirements in the rooms, such as broken fixtures, leaking faucets, or faulty electrical equipment.

  5. Assisting with laundry: Depending on the establishment, Room Attendants may be responsible for collecting dirty laundry from guest rooms, sorting, and laundering it.

  6. Communicating with guests: Room Attendants may interact with guests, responding to specific requests or inquiries, and providing information on hotel services and facilities.

  7. Maintaining cleanliness standards: They follow established cleaning and safety protocols, ensuring rooms, corridors, and other public areas are maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

  8. Adhering to security procedures: Room Attendants respect guest privacy and ensure that personal belongings are secure when cleaning rooms.

It's important to note that the exact duties may vary depending on the specific establishment and its policies.

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