Team Leader Job Description Template

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Team Leader Job Description Template

What is a Team Leader?

Team leaders are responsible for overseeing team performance, providing guidance and support, ensuring project deadlines are met, and facilitating communication within the team. Strong leadership and interpersonal skills are essential for this role.

A bachelor's degree in management or a related field is typically required. Previous experience in a supervisory or leadership role is often necessary.

Team Leader Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a qualified team leader to manage our team and provide effective guidance. You will be responsible for supervising, managing and motivating team members on a daily basis.

As a team leader, you will be the contact point for all team members, so your communication skills should be excellent. You should also be able to act proactively to ensure smooth team operations and effective collaboration.

Ultimately, you should lead by setting a good example and engage the team to achieve goals.


  • Create an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture
  • Set clear team goals
  • Delegate tasks and set deadlines
  • Oversee day-to-day operation
  • Monitor team performance and report on metrics
  • Motivate team members
  • Discover training needs and provide coaching
  • Listen to team members’ feedback and resolve any issues or conflicts
  • Recognize high performance and reward accomplishments
  • Encourage creativity and risk-taking
  • Suggest and organize team building activities


  • Proven work experience as a team leader or supervisor
  • In-depth knowledge of performance metrics
  • Good PC skills, especially MS Excel
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills
  • Organizational and time-management skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Degree in Management or training in team leading is a plus

What does Team Leader do?

A team leader typically has several responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. Some of these responsibilities may include:

  1. Planning and organizing: Team leaders are responsible for setting clear goals and objectives for the team and creating action plans to achieve them. They also need to organize team meetings, delegate tasks, and ensure that the team is on track to meet deadlines.

  2. Providing guidance and support: Team leaders play a crucial role in guiding and supporting team members in their day-to-day work. They provide direction, answer questions, offer advice, and ensure that team members have the necessary resources to perform their duties effectively.

  3. Monitoring progress and performance: It is the team leader's responsibility to monitor the progress of tasks and projects. They need to track key metrics, assess performance, identify any issues or obstacles, and take appropriate action to address them.

  4. Facilitating communication: Team leaders act as a bridge between team members and upper management. They facilitate communication by sharing important information, relaying feedback, and fostering effective communication within the team.

  5. Coaching and mentoring: Team leaders often provide coaching and mentoring to team members to enhance their skills and overall performance. They help team members identify areas for improvement, set goals, and provide guidance on how to achieve them.

  6. Problem-solving: Team leaders are expected to handle any challenges or conflicts that arise within the team. They work to resolve issues, mediate conflicts, and find solutions that ensure the smooth functioning of the team.

  7. Evaluating and recognizing performance: Team leaders play a role in evaluating the performance of team members, providing feedback, and recognizing outstanding contributions. They may participate in performance appraisal processes and provide recommendations for promotions or rewards.

  8. Continuous improvement: A team leader is responsible for driving continuous improvement within the team. They seek ways to enhance team performance, streamline processes, and implement best practices.

Overall, a team leader's day-to-day activities revolve around coordinating and supporting the team, ensuring productivity, fostering effective communication, and driving performance and improvement.

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