Operations Supervisor Job Description Template

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Operations Supervisor Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for an experienced operations supervisor to help us implement the right processes across the company and enable business growth. You’ll assess our departments’ operational methods and propose ways to improve them.

Project management and effective communication are important operation supervisor skills. To succeed is this role, you should also be a good problem-solver with sharp, analytical thinking.

If you are result-oriented and have excellent organizational skills, we’d like to meet you.


  • Oversee efficiency of operational processes
  • Participate in strategic planning and goal-setting for various business functions, including IT and customer support
  • Analyze business requirements and customer needs
  • Research methods to improve operations and reduce costs
  • Monitor and report on department performance
  • Supervise and train employees
  • Provide administrative support (e.g. updating inventory)
  • Ensure compliance with company policies and regulatio


  • Previous experience as an operations supervisor or similar role
  • Hands-on experience implementing operational processes
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Knowledge of operational principles and policies
  • Organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Team leadership
  • A degree in operations management or business administration is a plus

What does Operations Supervisor do?

On a day-to-day basis, an Operations Supervisor is responsible for overseeing and managing the operations of a department or team within a company. The specific tasks and responsibilities may vary depending on the industry and organization, but here are some common activities:

  1. Planning and organizing: Create schedules, allocate resources, and develop strategies to ensure efficient and effective operations.
  2. Supervision and leadership: Provide guidance, support, and direction to the team, monitor their performance, and address any issues or concerns that arise.
  3. Process improvement: Continuously review and analyze operational processes, identify areas of improvement, and implement necessary changes to increase productivity, reduce costs, or enhance quality.
  4. Tracking and reporting: Monitor key performance metrics, such as operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity. Generate reports and present findings to senior management.
  5. Problem-solving: Address operational challenges, troubleshoot issues, and resolve conflicts that may arise within the team or with external parties.
  6. Training and development: Identify training needs for the team and provide appropriate coaching or training to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  7. Collaboration: Work closely with other departments or teams to coordinate activities, address interdepartmental issues, and ensure smooth operations.
  8. Safety and compliance: Ensure that all operations comply with relevant regulations, industry standards, and safety guidelines.
  9. Communication: Maintain effective communication channels within the team and with other stakeholders to facilitate information flow and ensure everyone is aligned and updated.
  10. Customer service: Address customer inquiries, complaints, or feedback related to operations, ensuring excellent customer service and maintaining positive relationships.

Overall, the Operations Supervisor plays a crucial role in managing day-to-day operations, optimizing processes, and ensuring that the team operates efficiently and achieves their goals.

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