Creative Assistant Job Description Template

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Creative Assistant Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are looking for a Creative Assistant to join our Marketing team and participate in various branding projects.

Creative Assistant responsibilities include writing marketing-related copy for internal and external use and helping design valuable content, from guides and presentations to videos and infographics. If you want to kickstart your career in Marketing and are familiar with image or video editing software, we’d like to meet you.

Ultimately, you will help us build and maintain a strong and cohesive brand both online and offline.


  • Help design promotional material for events, like brochures and videos
  • Prepare content for internal use (like guidelines and glossaries)
  • Create customizable templates we can use for multiple purposes, including presentations and business cards
  • Write copy for marketing and communication material, including press releases, infographics and social media posts
  • Coordinate with team members to gather images, logos, stats and content to use in various creative projects
  • Maintain updated records of the videos, images and guides that we use
  • Research and recommend new ideas for strengthening our brand


  • Work experience as a Creative Assistant or Marketing Assistant is a plus
  • Experience with photo or video editing software (like Photoshop or Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • Understanding of digital advertising tactics
  • Copywriting skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication abilities
  • BSc in Marketing, Design or relevant field

What does Creative Assistant do?

A Creative Assistant's day-to-day responsibilities may vary depending on the industry and specific role, but here are some common tasks they may take on:

  1. Collaboration and brainstorming: Assisting the creative team with generating ideas, participating in brainstorming sessions, and contributing to the development of creative concepts.

  2. Research: Conducting market research, competitor analysis, and trend research to stay informed about current industry trends and consumer preferences.

  3. Content creation and development: Assisting in the creation and development of various types of content such as blog posts, social media posts, videos, advertisements, and other creative materials.

  4. Project management: Assisting in managing creative projects, including coordinating timelines, ensuring deliverables are met, and communicating with various stakeholders.

  5. Liaising with vendors and contractors: Assisting in coordinating with external vendors, freelance artists, photographers, copywriters, graphic designers, or other creative professionals as needed.

  6. Visual asset organization: Managing and organizing digital assets, such as images, logos, videos, and other visual content, ensuring they are easily accessible and labelled correctly.

  7. Administrative tasks: Assisting with various administrative duties, such as scheduling meetings, organizing files, managing budgets, drafting and proofreading documents, and handling correspondence.

  8. Creative software proficiency: Utilizing creative software tools, such as Adobe Creative Suite, to assist in design, editing, and production tasks.

  9. Quality control: Assisting in reviewing and proofreading creative materials to ensure accuracy, consistency, and compliance with brand guidelines.

  10. Supporting team members: Providing support to team members as needed, including assisting with ad hoc requests, coordinating events or workshops, and providing feedback and suggestions for improvement.

It's important to note that the specific duties of a Creative Assistant can vary greatly depending on the employer and the industry, so these tasks are not exhaustive but rather give you a general idea of what the role may entail.

Creative Assistant Job Description Examples

Creative Assistant• Upwork

Hello, we are, a small company just going uphill. We are looking for a Polish Speaker to help us set up word clocks together.

The person has to be at least near Woodmachine sp. Z o.o Szymbark 519, 38-311 szymbark...

We are looking forward to getting to know you

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Creative Assistant – Film Job• Netflix Inc.

Employer DescriptionNetflix is an American pay television over-the-top media service and original programming production company. It offers subscription-based video on demand from a library of films and television series, 40% of which is Netflix original programming produced in-house...Job DescriptionNetflix is seeking a Creative Assistant to provide support for our Content Film group in Lo...

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Virtual Creative Assistant• Upwork

A boutique marketing consultancy is looking for 1-2 creative Virtual Assistants to join our team.

We are looking for someone who has is very communicative, has the ability to produce quality work with and without direction, when necessary. This role will be very collaborative and creative, and the ideal candidate will liaise with other members to produce content, monitor quality, design conten...

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Assistant Creative Services Director• KOCO TV

Come be the difference at KOCO-TV. An innovative brand, rich in history, operating in one of America’s most competitive television markets. Oklahoma City is a community with a thriving economy, welcoming neighborhoods, named one of the best places to live and work year after year. There is something for everyone in Oklahoma City. A thriving and diverse economy with industries including Aviation...

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