Customer Service Trainer Job Description Template

Use this Customer Service Trainer job description template to advertise the open roles for free using Modify the requirements according the needs of your organization or the client you are hiring for.
Customer Service Trainer Job Description Template

What is a Customer Service Trainer?

Customer service trainers are responsible for developing training programs, conducting training sessions, evaluating trainee performance, and providing ongoing support. They ensure that customer service representatives are well-equipped to handle customer inquiries and issues effectively.

A bachelor's degree in a related field is often required. Strong communication skills and experience in customer service are also essential.

Customer Service Trainer Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a Customer Service Trainer to educate our support, sales and customer service teams by conducting seminars and interactive courses.

Customer Service Trainer responsibilities include facilitating on-the-job coaching, developing educational material and organizing training sessions for new hires. If you’re familiar with teaching soft skills like negotiation and problem-solving, we’d like to meet you.

Ultimately, you will make sure our customer service representatives develop their skills and successfully address clients’ needs.


  • Develop digital and print educational material (e.g. videos and manuals)
  • Organize classroom-style seminars about product features and sales techniques
  • Conduct role-playing activities to develop interpersonal skills (e.g. negotiation, teamwork and conflict management)
  • Identify individual and team skills gaps
  • Schedule regular training sessions (e.g. monthly or quarterly)
  • Ensure new hires take on basic sales training courses, including communication and troubleshooting skills
  • Liaise with managers and encourage on-the-job coaching (e.g. how to handle difficult client cases)
  • Coordinate mentorship programs for new customer service representatives
  • Assess the impact of each educational course on staff performance and client satisfaction
  • Maintain updated records of training curricula and material


  • Work experience as a Customer Service Trainer or similar role
  • Experience in sales or customer service positions is a plus
  • Knowledge of Learning Management Software (LMS)
  • Familiarity with interactive learning activities
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • BSc degree in Education, Human Resources or relevant field
  • Additional certification in training is a plus

What does Customer Service Trainer do?

A Customer Service Trainer is responsible for training and developing customer service skills in employees to enhance customer satisfaction and improve overall service quality. Here's what they typically do on a day-to-day basis:

  1. Design training programs: They assess the training needs of the organization and develop training programs, materials, and modules to address those needs. This involves designing training plans, creating training materials, and determining the most effective delivery methods.

  2. Conduct training sessions: Customer Service Trainers lead training sessions, either in-person or virtually, where they provide instruction on various customer service skills and techniques. They use various training methods such as lectures, videos, role-plays, case studies, and interactive activities to engage participants.

  3. Teach customer service principles: They educate employees on customer service principles, standards, and best practices. This includes teaching effective communication skills, problem-solving techniques, conflict resolution strategies, and how to handle difficult customers.

  4. Provide product knowledge training: Customer Service Trainers ensure that employees have a deep understanding of the company's products or services. They teach employees about the features, benefits, and usage of the products to enable them to provide accurate information and recommendations to customers.

  5. Conduct assessments and evaluations: After training sessions, Customer Service Trainers assess the effectiveness of the training by conducting tests, quizzes, and role-plays to evaluate employees' comprehension and application of the learned skills. They provide feedback to employees on areas of improvement and recognize exceptional performance.

  6. Update training materials: As industry trends, customer expectations, and company policies evolve, Trainers update training materials to reflect these changes. They continuously research and stay updated on new training techniques or customer service practices to ensure the training remains relevant.

  7. Collaborate with other departments: Trainers work closely with other departments, such as Human Resources, Operations, and Quality Assurance, to align training initiatives with organizational goals and ensure consistency in customer service standards across the organization.

  8. Monitor performance: Customer Service Trainers periodically monitor employee performance post-training to assess the impact of the training on their customer service skills. They provide ongoing coaching and feedback to reinforce positive behaviors and address any performance gaps.

Overall, Customer Service Trainers play a crucial role in enhancing the customer service experience by training and developing employees to provide excellent service and meet customers' needs effectively.

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