Payroll Clerk Job Description Template

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Payroll Clerk Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are looking for a qualified Payroll Clerk to assist in all activities regarding the management of employee compensation in the company. You will undertake a variety of tasks such as entering payroll information, calculating wages and making payments.

An excellent payroll clerk has great understanding of the concept of confidentiality. You will be experienced in entering data with attention to detail and will have good maths skills to make the necessary calculations. The ideal candidate will be a thorough professional with good communication abilities.

The goal is to carry out all payroll procedures with speed and accuracy.


  • Manage compensation packages using payroll software
  • Collect and verify timekeeping information for all employees
  • Calculate pay according to hours worked incorporating leaves and overtime
  • Calculate bonuses and commissions when appropriate
  • Manage and calculate taxes and deductions
  • Initiate periodical payments timely either by preparing and administering checks or making direct deposits through a bank payment system
  • Issues statements and invoices and maintain records
  • Update paper and electronic payroll records by entering adjustments on pay rates, employee status changes etc.
  • Calculate unemployment and severance payments
  • Deal with complaints and questions regarding payroll from employees and upper management
  • Investigate and resolve any discrepancies in payroll
  • Prepare and submit reports with payroll information to supervisor


  • Proven experience as payroll clerk or payroll manager
  • Familiarity with general accounting principles
  • Experience in data collection, entry and reporting with great attention to detail and confidentiality
  • Solid knowledge of relevant legislation, policies and regulations
  • Computer savvy with working knowledge of relevant software (e.g. Payforce)
  • Exquisite math and numerical skills
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent communication abilities with aptitude in problem-solving
  • High school diploma or equivalent; BSc/BA in accounting/business administration is a plus

What does Payroll Clerk do?

A Payroll Clerk is responsible for processing payroll for an organization. On a day to day basis, their tasks may include:

  1. Collecting and reviewing employee timecards or attendance records.
  2. Calculating employee wages, salaries, bonuses, and deductions based on time worked and other factors.
  3. Ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local tax regulations regarding payroll.
  4. Processing payroll payments through direct deposit or issuing physical checks to employees.
  5. Maintaining accurate payroll records and files, including employee information, tax forms, and pay rates.
  6. Resolving payroll discrepancies or issues, such as incorrect deductions or missing hours.
  7. Generating reports for management and other departments, such as payroll summaries or tax filings.
  8. Assisting employees with payroll-related inquiries or requests, such as wage garnishments or benefits deductions.
  9. Updating payroll software or systems with new employee information or pay rates.
  10. Keeping up to date with changes in payroll laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

Overall, a Payroll Clerk plays a vital role in ensuring timely and accurate payment of wages to employees and maintaining payroll records in accordance with legal requirements.

Payroll Clerk Job Description Examples

Payroll Clerk• All-in-1

DESCRIPTION OF ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND FUNCTIONS (for each duty and function listed indicate % of time):

· Processes and distributes staff payroll checks in a timely and accurate manner and responds to questions regarding these checks (40...

· Distributes commission activity reports (5%)

· Cross-Trained to transmit all direct deposit and positive pay files to the bank for several corporations i...

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Payroll Clerk• PPG Industries, Inc

Job Description

We are looking for an efficient payroll clerk to be responsible for all tasks involved in processing payroll. The payroll clerk has a range of duties that include collecting timesheets, calculating wages, and ensuring employees receive their pay on time...

To be successful as a payroll clerk you should be able to carry out all tasks with high attention to detail. Ultimately, a...

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Payroll Clerk - Administration Office• Haysville Unified School District 261




SUPERVISOR: Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Student Services

PAYMENT RATE: According to Educational Support Staff Salary Schedule

QUALIFICATIONS:• High School diploma or equivalent.• Computer skills.• Working knowledge of office equipment.• Telephone skills.• Maintain current TB te...

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Payroll Clerk• Southern Star

We are looking for a qualified Payroll Clerk to ensure accuracy of our timecards.

An excellent payroll clerk has great understanding of the concept of confidentiality. You will be experienced in entering data with attention to detail and will have good excel capabilites to complete the necessary reporting. The ideal candidate will be a thorough professional capable of working on a deadline wit...

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