Vice President (VP) of Marketing Job Description Template

Use this Vice President (VP) of Marketing job description template to advertise the open roles for free using You can use this template as a starting point, modify the requirements according the needs of your organization or the client you are hiring for.
Vice President (VP) of Marketing Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for an experienced Vice President (VP) of Marketing to direct and oversee our Marketing department. You will design, implement and monitor effective marketing strategies that align with our business goals.

Our ideal candidate has a solid Marketing background and work experience managing a variety of promotional projects end-to-end, including paid advertising campaigns and digital marketing techniques. Our VP of Marketing will report directly to the CEO and will oversee internal Marketing teams. To be successful in this role, you should be highly professional. You should also play a significant role shaping the company’s strategic planning.

Ultimately, you should be able to ensure that the Marketing department’s activities contribute to our company’s long-term success.


  • Develop and implement a cohesive marketing plan to increase brand awareness
  • Set current and long-term goals for internal teams
  • Design and review the Marketing department’s budget
  • Build relationships with media and stakeholders through creative PR strategies
  • Monitor all marketing campaigns and improve them when necessary
  • Prioritize marketing projects and allocate resources accordingly
  • Prepare regular reports and presentations on marketing metrics for the CEO
  • Conduct market analysis to identify challenges and opportunities for growth
  • Provide guidance and ideas to organize effective marketing events
  • Forecast hiring needs for the Marketing department
  • Participate in the quarterly and annual planning of the company’s objectives
  • Track competitors’ activities


  • Proven work experience as a VP of Marketing, Marketing Director or other senior role
  • Demonstrable experience designing and implementing successful marketing campaigns
  • Solid knowledge of SEO, web analytics and Google Adwords
  • Experience with CRM software and digital marketing tools and techniques
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Strong analytical and project management skills
  • Strategic mindset, with ability to make difficult decisions
  • BSc degree in Marketing, Communications or relevant field

What does Vice President (VP) of Marketing do?

A Vice President (VP) of Marketing typically handles a wide range of responsibilities related to the marketing function of a company. On a day-to-day basis, their tasks may include:

  1. Strategy development: Working with the executive team to develop the overall marketing strategy and plan for the company.

  2. Team management: Supervising and managing the marketing department, including hiring, training, and evaluating team members.

  3. Budgeting and resource allocation: Allocating resources and managing the marketing budget to support various marketing initiatives and campaigns.

  4. Market research and analysis: Conducting market research to understand customer needs, trends, and competitor activities, and analyzing data to drive marketing decisions.

  5. Product and branding management: Overseeing the development, positioning, and branding of products or services to maximize their value and appeal to target customers.

  6. Campaign planning and execution: Planning and executing integrated marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including advertising, digital marketing, public relations, events, and social media.

  7. Measurement and analysis: Tracking and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the success of marketing efforts, making data-driven recommendations for optimization.

  8. Sales and collaboration: Collaborating with sales teams to align marketing and sales efforts, ensuring effective lead generation and conversion.

  9. Relationship building: Developing and maintaining relationships with external stakeholders, such as advertising agencies, media partners, vendors, and industry influencers.

  10. Staying updated: Keeping up with industry trends, market changes, and emerging marketing techniques to stay competitive and drive innovation within the marketing function.

The specific responsibilities may vary depending on the company's industry, size, and structure, but a VP of Marketing is generally responsible for leading and driving marketing initiatives to achieve the company's goals.

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